Hair Dressing Course

Advanced Hairdressing Course

Learn The Finer Details Of Hairdressing, Haircuts And Hair Maintenance.

Our advanced course is an ideal finishing course for someone wanting to learn the purest form of Haircutting and is passionate in becoming a Master stylist . This high energy course focuses on building confidence & knowledge .


Recognised globally, this professional course will teach you the core and advanced techniques of hairdressing and even furthers creativity by allowing students to experiment with creating their own styles. On completion of the course, all students will be able to demonstrate a new level of precision cutting within their work and an exceptional quality finish.


These are hands-on practical sessions where the student has to work along with the educator, polish his talent and attain mastery over everything he has learnt. Detailed demonstrations are the highlight of this course, and these include haircuts on live models & mannequins, classic salon work and assistance to the Educator on glamour shoots. The completion of this course demands the student to push his creativity, explore newer ideas and come up with looks & styles that predict and set the trends of the season.

Course Highlights include

  • Global recognition
  • Core & Advanced Techniques of Hairdressing
  • Allows students to experiment
  • Enables students to demonstrate precision cutting
  • Trains students to be master stylists
  • Enhances their finish
Suitability: Previous hairdressing experience not required, You need to be hungry to learn
and grasp everything about hairdressing!
Hair Dressing Course
12 Weeks
Hair Dressing Course
Demo | Theory | Practical
Hair Dressing Course
Comprehensive Diploma

Course Highlight

Advanced Cutting and Coloring Techniques Graduated shapes combined with Layers
Personalizing Techniques to Suit Clients' Needs Consultation and Communication Process
Mastering the Art of Foil Highlighting Suitability, Proportions and Bone Structure
Perfecting global,root touch ups, ombre&balayage Creative cuts, Freehand & Disconnection Techniques
Practical cut & color sessions on live models Exclusive Video Tutorials
Crops / Layering Portfolio Prep
Men's Hair-styling Techniques Blow-dry and Finishing Skills
Scissors & Clipper over Comb
  • Attend workshops at other "Prestigious Hair Academies"
  • Learn on a mannequin
  • Practice on models
  • Perform 1-2 haircus and Hair cutting videos
  • Get invites to Hair shows and seminars
  • Internship at our salon


A-Z of Haircutting Course



Fundamental techniques form the basis of hair cutting. These techniques can be adapted to suit different lengths and textures. They include one length cutting, gradation and layering




Precision Cutting Techniques:
Create strength through the perimeter edge of a shape and are worn above shoulder level.




Transient techniques create texture lengths internally and through perimeter edges. They are fluid, personalised shapes which allow adaptability and versatility




Men's Cutting Techniques:
Creates strong, masculine shapes on varying lengths & textures .


During this course you will study classic men's techniques of scissor over comb together with layering, graduation and lines.

  • Work with clipper-over-comb techniques
  • Work with scissor-over-comb techniques
  • Practice short layered variations
  • Learn graduation
  • Understand men's refining techniques
  • Learn how to create the ultimate men's service experience
  • Learn when to choose razor over scissors
  • Conquer awkward hairlines and cowlicks
  • Work with live models and mannequins
  • Contemporary cutting, shapes and textures

Blow Drying

This will cover shampooing, blow drying and finishing with products. The blowdrying techniques needed to create different hairstyles are listed below. Learn all the professional tips and tricks that will allow you to create salon professional results
  • Finger dryng
  • Scrunch drying
  • Drying n setting curls using a hair dryer diffuser
  • For a multi textured effect
  • For a smooth finish
  • For volume and movement
  • Blow drying hair to turn under and outer at the ends

Curling tongs

For different curled effects
  • Tight defined curls using a curling tong
  • How to tong short hair for texture

Crimping techniques

Dressing hair by crimping for partial, random and all-over texture

Using rollers:

  • Setting hair with different rollers
  • Setting hair with heated rollers for volume
  • How to use velcro rollers for big bouncy glam look
  • How to use bendable rods to create an even and tight curls

Coloring Techniques

During this course you will learn colour chart theory and practical demonstrations through daily hands on work sessions.
Stage 1


  • Understanding the placement of color
  • How it affects the hairdo
  • Applying dimensional color
  • Understanding subtle tones and color combinations
  • Basic formulation
  • Perfecting foiling, sectioning and weaving techniques
  • Instilling confidence needed to become a highlighting specialist
Stage 1


  • Improving technique
  • Developing an array of new sectioning
  • patterns
  • Learn using different weaves for varying textures of hair
  • Gain confidence and speed in application
  • Learn to choose color techniques to complement a haircut and vice versa
  • Experiment with three dimensional and multidimensional effects in color
Stage 1


  • Use colour to create, develop and personalise sectioning patterns for clientele
  • Learn quick creative techniques with a commercial focus
  • Learn creative colour mixing, placement and combination.

1. Global hair coloring
2. Color Correction
3. Highlights
4. Weaving, slicing and chunking

5. Foiling Techniques
6. Using Frosting Cap
7. Highlights
8. Lowlights

9. Temporary hair coloring
10. Semi-permanent coloring

Straightening techniques
This is a hair styling technique which involves the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and 'sleek' appearance.
It may be accomplished by using hair irons, hot combs and chemical relaxers

1. Relaxing



{PRACTICAL + THEORY} students will also get to attend workshops at other "Prestigious Hair Academies"
Permanent Hair Perming
The course will enable students to perform a permanent hair waving, from basic to advance stages, using different types of perm rods and techniques to create waves. This course covers the following aspects of perming:

1. Salon and legal requirements
2. How to work safely, effectively and hygienically when perming and neutralising
3. Tests and testing
4. Basic science

5. Products, equipment and their use
6. Perming and neutralising techniques and problems
7. Aftercare advice

Hair Extensions Course
This course teaches the use of hair extensions to primarily serve two purposes:
Part 1: Use of hair extensions to add volume and texture to hair:

1. Using extensions for thinning hair
2. Creating the appearance of volume and thickness

3. Using hair extensions to create the illusion of length on short hair (without actually growing them).

Part 2: Use of hair extensions to add spunk and color:

1. Adding extension highlights or lowlights

2. Working with unusually colored extensions such as blue or pink

Personal tool kit provided

1. Scissors (2 pairs), Cutting Combs, section clips ,water spray, Dummy Head

2. All other equipment required will be made available for use

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Foundation Hairdressing Course
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